British Prime Minister emails that the Trump whitehouse is "moronia, unskilled, unknowledgeable and grossly incompetent" is that because he?

he is still mad that that US captured all his airports during the Revolutionary War and won't let Brits drive Electric Cars down the left side of your highways?

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  • 9 months ago
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    I thought that was the British Ambassador to the US. But that would give Trump more "justification" to cozy up with foreign dictators even more, wouldn't it? The Brit Ambassador has been apparently been disinvited to White House functions, which would probably be a relief to the Ambassador. He doesn't have to spend all those tedious hours watching and having to listen to Trump performances.

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  • 9 months ago

    It was the Ambassador to Britian, who sent the emails, calling Trump a moron and inept and probably in cahoots with the Russians .

    Trump responded by threatening to send him home, from Valley Forge Airport.

    He's also looking into whether he can give the guy windmill cancer before he Leaves.

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  • 9 months ago

    Isn't that the guy from the rich family who went to the exclusive private boarding school and exclusive Oxford constituent college?

    The guy who got in trouble for expense account fraud, and suspicious tax reporting?

    AND................the guy who thought Slovenia was a former Soviet Satellite state?

    ("making really remarkable transformation from a Soviet vassal state to a modern European democracy.")

    That guy?

    Kind of sounds like the type of snooty privileged trust fund person you historically love to hate....................unless he bashes Trump?

    Source(s): Thought for the day..........some friends were talking about what they want people to say over their casket at their funeral. My answer was "LOOK..............he's breathing"!!!!!!!!
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  • Jeff D
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    9 months ago

    LOL. Didn't she just resign due to her own gross incompetence?

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