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Deep frying tater tots follow up question (see previous question on my profile below this one)?

So in my previous question I asked if you could deep fry tater tots. The bag only has oven directions, but people were telling me it is very common to deep fry tater tots. My follow up question comes from one remark in the thread where someone mentioned you should not deep fry oven ready taters, because they have once supposedly already been deep fried. I don't know that for sure. I know they have been previously cooked to some degree but that's the case also with fries which I always deep fry. But assuming they have already been oil cooked, can I deep fry them again?

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    Last time I tried, they disintegrated into potato mush. It was a mess to clean up, and was inedible.

  • 2 years ago

    Of course you can deep fry them. The person who said that is a moron. Do you know this is how many fast foods are cooked? Double deep fry to make them super crispy.

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