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Pass swab / urine nicotine test ASAP !!! Thanks !!! I need help?

I’m afraid my parents are going to test me sometime soon and I need to be able to flush the nicotine out of my system. I vape I don’t smoke cigs. I’m also doing water fasting ( no eating only drinking water for a period of time) would fasting help the process of getting the nic out? Thanks any tips would be great ! Also any to make the tests negative works too!

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  • Retief
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    6 months ago

    Drinking water and/or fasting doesn't help eliminate nicotine from your system.

    If you don't want to be positive, don't vape. Or just tell your parents and deal with the consequences. It would be better if you told them than if they found out through a test.

    Obviously they have some reason to suspect you already.

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  • 6 months ago

    Your parents control freaks or what? Is there a child-abuse help-line you can call?

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