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Prisons used to never exist like in the time of **** erectus so why did us modern humans make such a place?

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    Hom.o erectus used to just kill the people who are now imprisoned.

  • 'cause we are all sinners,

    and we are afraid of sinners.

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    1 year ago

    Laws and those who enforce them are put in place to keep evil at bay.

    Otherwise there would be anarchy.

    Why are you like that when I'm like this?

    Angels fell then married humans and had children by them. These were giants known as the Nephilim...

    but on the altar of science they choose to call them anything else than what the sacred texts say they were called; including 'homoerectus'.

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    Crazy that Yahoo deleted the first Latin word in the Q, thinking it was vulgar, but passes 'erectus'. Anyway, prisons never existed as places of interment for law-breakers in the early few thousand years of human existence as written about in the ancient Hebrew scriptures (the Old Testament part of the Bible). Those found guilty had to make reparation or, if it was murder, they had to forfeit their own life. Let's hope someone in the proper category can answer the Q.

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    1 year ago

    I have a **** erectus right now, and prisons exist. So your argument is moot.

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    Because mankind has made the mistake in believing that we can govern ourselves better than our Intelligent Designer can.

    Source(s): The God Yahweh our Intelligent Designer and the missing link in the chain of evolution.
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