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Should I be offended by this?

I was just reading a meme to my brother, it was alternate names for *** n go. I said things like shoot n scoot, ejaculate and evacuate. We both thought it was funny, but my dad overheard. He asked me what I was reading and I told him as he had seen that meme before and thought it was funny. He suddenly started telling me I was better than that and asked me why I was reading garbage. He said I have nothing better to do than read garbage and I'm not productive. I asked him why he has a problem with it and why it's trash and he just said "you know why". I honestly didn't know, and asked him if it was because it was inappropriate. He said yes, I shouldn't be reading that and he'll take away my phone and computer if I'm going to be looking at that. I'm 15 btw, he knows I've seen things worse and he's never had a problem with it. He also denied having seen that meme before. He was constantly telling me I'm better than this, I have nothing better to do than look at trash and made me feel stupid by telling me I know why it's trash. I am offended by this, I'm angry at him and I won't be friendly with him tomorrow morning. Is this reasonable?

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    i would stop looking at stuff like that if you dont want an angry dad around

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    Your dad thought it was inappropriate for a 15 year old girl to be laughing over smut. I certainly wouldn't get into a big argument about it and confront him or show off by not speaking to him. That's disrespectful and he is your father so humour him and say nothing and act like nothing happened even though you are annoyed. Be adult about it. He has different ideas on behaviour to you that's all and when you are older you will dictate stuff to your kids who will smile and ignore your advice's the way of the world. I'd let it go. Just make sure he doesn't overhear such stuff again between you and your brother. It will save him getting upset over trifles.

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    Yes. He's absolutely right. You're sinking to the lowest level. I understand that teenage boys are obsessed with sex- it's your testosterone driving you. But you can put your brain in control. It's going to really hurt you later when you really want a relationship with a girl if you've immersed yourself in vulgarities, and can't think about anything else. There are plenty of other things to do. If you don't understand why it's trash, then that's even more reason to try to read something better.

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