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How can I get the place cleaner?

I live in a slum house, I guess you’d call it. I’m fine with it! I just need help figuring out how to get things in order. It’s very hard to find a house to rent, let alone a house with a yard that’s inclusive.

I am on mostly limited income, I have a disability but overall I want to try and get the house cleaned. I only want to live here for my dog, because of the yard (he has pet insurance before someone goes off on vet bills)

When I moved in, the carpet was disgusting, Idk how much bong water, and such is spilled into it. I was gifted a rug cleaner and went over a few times, the water was very dirty, but I don’t feel I’ve done enough. The house smells like feet, I assume it’s the carpet. Any rug shampoo recommendations that does the job?

The stove did not work when we moved in. I was told it catches fire, we spend hours scrubbing the inside so we can turn it on without it catching, and I had to buy inserts for the burners. Stove looks dirty no matter how much I clean it.

What can I do for the surface? What can I do for the interior?

I also noticed the wall behind the stove is smoke stained (from burnt food), and was going to just repaint the white the kitchen used to be (I plan on living here a while I don’t want to live in gross)... is it appropriate to put a splash guard behind/above the stove? Just the dollar store stuff.

Is it dangerous to not have a fan in the bathroom? Anything I can do?

Thanks for the help! He’s really nice I don’t want to pester too

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    I'll take on the rug thing first. I would first dissolve a 1/2 cup of Oxi-Clean into a gallon of boiling water, and when it cools sufficiently, add the recommended amount of detergent and use it in your carpet cleaner. That should mitigate the smell. You can use oven cleaner on the surface and interior of the stove, then a baking soda paste. Test for scratching.

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    and for the back of the stove--clean it with tsp or other major degreaser product--paint--and you can actually put contact paper behind it--my granny used fake brick paper--you can buy peel and stick tile sheets (they aren't real-but look like it) and if you have more money you can buy peel and stick tiles--I bought some stainless steel peel and stick tiles for behind my stove--it looks awesome!

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