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I feel boring and abnormal for not having a favorite show. Which shows could I try that I might like?

Most people I meet have something that they are very passionate about. Whether it's a tv show, their job, hobbies or travel, they all have something to talk about. I'm a cashier at Walmart and I practically work 24/7. I literally have nothing I enjoy doing outside of work besides sleeping and eating.

I feel like I'm a boring person because of this, so I thought at least liking a tv show will be a good idea. One friend of mine is really obsessed with this show but you have to pay to watch it on youtube or something. She loves it so much she actually started taking karate classes because of her love for it. I really don't feel like setting up a netflix account either or anything like that just to watch a show. To me, someone like her is interesting to me, but I really don't know how to fit activities into my life. Maybe I'm depressed or something.

Then there are people who really enjoy game of thrones, but I find it takes way too much time for me to get into stuff like that. What's your favorite show and what should I watch?

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    You can't force yourself to have a favorite TV show, book, movie or whatever. It comes naturally. Experiment and figure out what appeals to you. It's quite possible you'll prefer sitcoms or documentaries or some other form of media than what appeals to your friends. These are some that I've enjoyed, although I generally tend toward action and sci fi:

    The Magicians



    Veronica Mars

    American Gods

    Better Call Saul

    The Americans



    The Walking Dead

    Z Nation

    The Expanse


    Stranger Things

    Black Mirror

    Umbrella Academy



    Legends of Tomorrow

    Agents of SHIELD



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    Try some these old classics, they are well worth watching. Dragnet the 50s n 60s episodes, Adam 12, Emergency, Marcus Welby M.D.

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    Get Netflix and HBO Go. 😳

    Omg, I was a huge movie buff until my 20s in the 2000s. Then I spent a decade in a dry spell where I lost interest in movies and shows. Now I'm back into Netflix and HBO Go. Movies and shows really do open your mind back up to where you don't ponder on weird stuff like depression. 😄 I also used to work for Walmart as a Sales Associate in Electronics. So... I know what you mean.

    And just a heads up, if you go back to Electronics, whatever is featured on the TVs (movies) or playing on the music sample devices? Is popular. Check out the New Release sections every Tuesday for what's trending. Tuesdays are when newer releases come out in music and movies.

    Netflix: Lost Girl, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Society, Chambers, Always a Witch, Lucifer, Roswell, Stranger Things

    Netflix movies: Always Be My Maybe, Kissing Boothe, Spirit of Christmas, Boys in the Trees.

    HBO Go: Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies.

    These fvckin shows are EPIC, girl. 🥴 Get into them.

    Source(s): I'm basically still a kid at heart. So whatever I'm interested in? Just happens to be trending.
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    You could subscribe to a streaming service that has shows you think you may like or try going to a library and checking out their dvds. It's free and you may find something. If you don't want to sit and watch it, I don't know what anyone's recommendations will do.

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    1)The Big Bang theory

    2)One day at a time


    4)Stranger Things

    5)Modern Family

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