What s wrong with my instagram account?

I log in on the mobile app, and I try to view feed, my messages or anything, and it says "we re sorry but something went wrong, please try again." I also tried logging in on the web browser, and I just got a blank webpage that said "Oops, an error occurred." I ve tried logging out and back in multiple times, which did nothing. I am also unable to disable my account or change any settings. Can someone help me fix this issue?


My account is still up and viewable, but I can't do anything when i log into it.

1 Answer

  • 1 year ago

    Maybe you have a virus or you've been hacked? Try scanning with an antivirus scanner AND an antimalware scanner and see if anything comes up. If you've been hacked...not really sure what to do about that but contact the site support, but you usually have to be able to get ON the site to do that... Maybe try to find their support email via Google?

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