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Do you think my doctor could have been right that I could have been sick based on this?

According to my doctor when looking at my results of having an inflammation while after a blood test for liver function my liver enzymes were a little elevated that resulted in inflammation but she said it was non alcoholic related and that I could have been sick. But, I do remember sometimes taking advil before and sometimes after drinking a lot of vodka, and sometimes wonder if it was related to mixing alcohol and advil. most doctors seem to think advil isn't a possibility unless I had too much advil. I even read something on mayo clinic that advil or other over the counters mixed with alcohol could inflame the liver. I drink alcohol in moderation and my recent liver enzymes results were probably fine since I never got a message or phone call getting news like that. I cant stop wondering what the cause was, but besides that does my doctor seem like she knows for sure?


After my recent test for liver function I never got a call from doctor given bad news so that's why I think advil may have been a problem?

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    If you're sure it was Advil, you're good to go. The drug you NEVER mix with alcohol is Tylenol (acetaminophen). I don't even think this should be an OTC drug, but that's another show.

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    If your doctor told you your 'inflammation' was non alcohol related, then you have lied to her about how much you are drinking. Nothing to do with the Advil. Advil can affect kidney function. So silly to lie about alcohol abuse.

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