Having lipo suction to get rid of layers of fat from my c section from 3 years ago? Pls no smart remarks? I'm about to break down?

My son was born 3 years ago, May 3 2016. I had to have an emergency c section which left this awful layer of numb fat skin that hangs over my stomach. I also have a diastasis recti now from my pregnancy with him. I noticed after getting back in tje gym months after having him my fat wasn't going away. My arms had gotten bigger after i had him as well as my arms. I had a few love handles and a smaller bra bulge but not like i do now. My husband began bashing me saying i couldn't even have a baby right bc I had a fever andhad to be rushed in for an emergency c sec. He only became more n more abusive during my pregnancy n after he was born. My divorce will be finalized this Thurs. Anyway,I'm having lipo suction since the fat isnt going anywhere on its own and just gonna keep working on my back and arms on my own. My stomach weighs me down literally and I can't run after my son without this fat slapping my thighs. Will my body look at normal if I have a flat stomach but have love handles and fat arms? I'm thinking about not having the procedure at all even though it will fix my stomach. I just don't want to regret it and look worse than I do now.

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  • joe
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    1 year ago

    You are still eating to much, liposuction will help but you need to get your eating under control. Your best bet is to ask the people that are doing the liposuction what results you should expect. The areas where you are not having liposuction will still have fat and just exercise will not get rid of it, you will need to eat a proper amount to help burn the excess fat.

    Being that we have no idea how much weight you have gained, there is no way we can tell what you will look like after the liposuction. I would assume the clinic performing the lipo will not go overboard removing the excess fat, but you may still have lose skin in the area. You may want to talk to a plastic surgeon before doing it and see if a mommy makeover or a tummy tuck would be a better option for you. You can also ask them if it would be better if you lost weight before surgery. Just be aware that a tummy tuck or a mommy makeover will leave a scar. Most plastic surgeons do liposuction too.

    Best wishes

  • 1 year ago

    Excuse the errors. I meant * abnormal* and I meant my arms and back had/ have gotten bigger since I've had him.

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