Are girls smarter than guys?

Well there is a side note here... This is a not a mean comment. What is your take on this topic. I have no opinon, but we Asians have the highest SAT scores by a wide margin. We are NOT smarter per se. If do not succeed, we get a foot in the posterior. Tiger Moms is true.

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  • 12 months ago
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    Depends on what you consider smart. Intellectually? Book smart? Like if someone is good at coming up with ideas and creating works of art such as literature, music (composition & theory is pretty complicated despite what some think), animation, screenplays, and more, would you consider them to be smart, talented, and/or brilliant? As opposed to someone that's good with numbers, logic, (analytical), reasoning, and problem-solving things. Or someone who's good at science and math but can't grasp philosophical, existential, outside the box kind of ideas? All of which people consider to be smart.

    Another point I could make would be age. Knowledge comes with experience. You might consider a college professor with a PhD in computer science SMART. But ten years ago when they were still in school and didn't have certifications, that same person probably wouldn't put them in that "smart" category. And this applies to both genders. Also, there are older people who look down on younger ones for making mistakes they (as of now) would never make. And older ones that view younger ones as smart because they know more than they did when they were younger or because they both view the world similarly, regardless of the younger person's lack of experience. (ie, some see "wiseness" as being smart too, which further proves my point that many people view intelligence in different aspects) and so on.

    Especially if someone changes how one views something. Whether by exposing them so something different, teaching them something different, shaping their view on a certain topic, etc. Like if you've read the Bible for example, and quote verses, there's lots of people that would deem you as an intelligent person. People that look up to you might consider you to be a smart/brilliant person. (eg, teachers, parents, philosophers, theologians, priests, etc)

    One doesn't necessarily have to be "smart" to get good grades and SAT scores. You can be pretty average and get a high score if you take the time to practice, learn the right material, and are well prepared. And if you take classes that you're capable of doing well in and just do the work-- you will get good grades. It's really just a matter of whether you do well in the system. Getting into Ivy League/top schools doesn't automatically make you smart either. *cough* Olivia Jade. or *cough* rich kids with titles and last names. But some consider the ones with high degrees/grades, high scores, or that attend top schools--> smart.

    so I find this idea pretty subjective. I think it just depends on which aspect you're referring to, and who's determining it.

    When I was in 3rd grade and I saw a 7th grader do their math homework and read sheet music for band, which I thought was super complicated, and so I considered them to be like, super smart because they were skillful in a topic that i hadn't either been exposed to or understood. Like for the "who's determining your intelligence" an example would be if sam got a 1060 on the sat, and nancy got a 1289, sam would probably think nancy's pretty smart, as opposed to martin who got a 1540. (this isn't necessarily true, but let's just say that's how it played out). Even raising your hand in class and getting the answer your peers didn't understand right. Or correcting the teacher. All you might've had to do was pay close attention.

    Another thing i'm thinking of is how long it takes someone to understand something. "The faster you are, the smarter you are" Like fast pace courses. I'm not quite sure about this one, since you could understand logic based stuff faster than creative thinking type stuff. And if both are still learning the same material, and understanding the same concept, is one actually smarter than the other? Or my favorite: if someone has an easier time understanding an idea put into images/videos rather than text on paper.. Isn't it really just the same concept formed into two different things?

    One's idea of intelligence is probably based on several things..

    -their own intelligence and it's comparison with others

    -proof (certificates, education, scores, etc)

    -things that they understand vs what they don't

    -aspects (creativity, problem solving, etc)

    -how they view things and whether someone views it too..

    -their experience and the knowledge they've gained and whether it's similar to someone else's

    -innateness (maybe, maybe not)

    -etc etc etc

    *also, my idea of what smart was in 9th grade (two years ago) is definitely not the same as it is now. And depending on who you're being compared to-- you might actually be really smart or not smart at all.

    Answer: since it's subjective and dependent on a lot of things it can't only apply to a specific gender.

    • Chae- Won12 months agoReport

      Thank you. I am going to college next semester. School and subject is confidential but it isn't bad, really. Sometimes you think you are "smart" then you don't. And not really smart but more aged.

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    History speaks for itself:







    Graham Bell


    Da Vinci



    All were white men.

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      Men have more dispersed IQs then women. Women's IQs are more centralised. So there are more dumb men than women, but also more male geniuses. Sorry. That's a fact.

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    No, all the major discoveries and inventions for thousands of years have been by men, feminism can't even change that

    • Chae- Won12 months agoReport

      But I do agree with anti-feminism. This is not a game and it is no sin to be a female and make discoveries. Feminist guys are icky

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  • 12 months ago

    Anon. I am not casting stones nor am I a feminist. Male feminists are beta males. Who wants a sniveling wimp. Just my take.

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  • 12 months ago

    There are brilliant girls and not so brilliant girls. There are brilliant guys and not so brilliant guys. But even the brilliant guys get not so brilliant when they're around girls so I think girls win.

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    No its proven other wise. Men have higher iqs plus larger brain mass. The top minds over the last few centuries have also overwhelmingly been Male

    I'm not anti woman, in fact I get on well with woman but you have to honest about this too not just make stuff up to empower your gender.

    • Chae- Won12 months agoReport

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