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Explain how conventional current would be defined differently if early scientists understood that the current they were "playing with" really was

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  • Dixon
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    1 year ago
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    At the time, electric current was considered as a sort of flowing charged electrical fluid and Franklin had good reason to believe that this charge flow came out of a particular terminal of a standard cell. However, to the extent that electric current is actually the flow of electrons, Franklin got the wrong terminal.

    For ease of mathematics Franklin made his (supposedly) outgoing current be positively charged fluid flowing out of the positive terminal in the positive reference direction. This treats electricity like a stream of water flowing down a hill.

    This convention later became embedded into Maxwell's equations (electromagnetism) and all of physics. And when it was discovered that in most circuits the charge carriers are electrons flowing in the opposite direction, it was far too late to change the convention.

  • D g
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    1 year ago

    if scientest knew of electrons whwn they devised the magneticequations tgere wound be no conventional current..

    the reasons for conventional current is that they thought that posirive charges moved so they set up the equations that way.

    then they published many books on the subject.

    then they discovered the electron they contemplated rheeffect of Changing all therules of electromagnetism the forcasted effect was thought to be confusion and errors. so it was aggreed by convention all equationa involving magnetism will assume positive current flow

    hense the name conventional current

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