Physics 11 PLEASE HELP?

For this physics question, it wants me to find the unknown resistance, Rx. R1 has a resistance of 50, R2 has a resistance of 75, and Rx has a resistance of 100 ((they give us the unknown value but you have to find it using an equation and then you compare the actual value to what you got). I got the total resistance to be 23.08, but I don't know what to do after that. Please help me

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    For the total resistance to resistance to be less than any of resistances, some of the resistors must be in parallel with each other. First let’s assume that all of the resistors are in parallel.

    1/Req = 1/50 + 1/75 + 1/100 = 0.02 + 1/75 + 0.001

    Req is approximately 23.08 Ω. This is what you got. So, all of the resistors must be in parallel.

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    need the drawing

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