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is it good news if you dont hear back from a dr right away with test results regarding cancer? will give a best answer?

my mom went to the dr a few days ago after experiencing some symptoms. ..she thought it was hermorroids but tests confirmed there was a mass there...the dr said that it might just be pollups (or something like that) but he also warned that it could be cancer. Thankfully they said if it is cancer it was found early enough and surgery could remove it..anyway, the dr said he will contact us with the results the next day. ..however, they contacted us yesterday and they said they are still running tests and will have the results today but we still have not heard today it has been 2 days now with no results.

so my question is...does the fact that they are taking so long to get back with a result indicate that it might not be cancer afterall? In other words do you think in this case that no news is good news? Is cancer usually detected faster?

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    Depends on what type of test they run. When I was diagnosed with lung cancer, they did a biopsy on the mass to see what it was. It took about 2 weeks to get the results. The doctor did call me at home. If it was a blood test, the markers should turn up within 4 days. Either type of test, the doctor will call her at home if she has cancer./

    Masses can be fungal infections, polyps, non cancerous lesions, or one of a hundred different types of cancer. In the area you're talking about I would guess a polyp....which should still be removed.

    If it were cancer, the next step would be a PET scan to see if it has spread. If not, surgery is the way to go for a stage 1 mass. Very fixable. Very surviveable.

    Dr does not need to consult. If blood, there will be two markers they look for, If a biopsy the lab results tell them the exact name of the mass. Such as basil cell carcenoma

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    Not necessarily. He/she could be discussing the results with another doctor.

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