Theoretical Sci-Fi Time Displacement Paradox?

I've never been much of a Sci-Fi nerd, but this hypothesis just sorta popped into my head that sort of revolves around a paradox involving seeing into the future. It's sort of like if Pinocchio were to say "My nose will grow now", it would cause a paradox.

Now here's the hypothetical..

A man, whom has recently discovered he has the ability to see the future, but only a couple seconds in (i.e. Nicholas Cage in Next), goes to a doctor, telling him that what he's about to say may sound crazy, but since nobody would ever believe his word, he would disclose his secret. He tells the doctor what he can do, and naturally the doctor is concerned for his state of mind, because what he is saying is impossible. But to prove it, the man gives the doctor a demonstration.

He tells the doctor to think of a number between 1 and 1000 making it extremely unlikely for him to guess at random, and to say it out loud in 10 seconds. He explains that before 10 seconds is up, he will verbalize the number the doctor was thinking, but even so, the doctor must still announce the number himself when 10 seconds is up, whether the man got the number right or not. The doctor reluctantly agrees and thinks of a number at random. For the sake of this narrative, let's say 619. The number 619 now in the doctors head, and 2 seconds having passed, the man mouths 619, and the doctor is baffled. So baffled in fact, he forgets to say 619 out loud well passed the 10 second mark, and out reaches the mans psychic...


... abilities.

You see where this is going, yes? The man saw a future that didn't happen. He never mouthed the number 619 for him to predict. Now I know what you're thinking. Impossible. Even in a world where a man with such abilities exists, how could he have predicted the number he never said out loud after all? Well for the sake of this discussion, let's disregard the paradox, and assume the man saw an alternate future, where the doctor had not been shocked and distracted, and actually did..

Update 2:

... utter 619. But him having stumbled unto the mosquito effect, he never entered into this timeline.

The question part of this is confusing as I'm not quite sure how to word it. It's sort of fourth dimensional. And really the best I can word it is.. In its most technical form, how does that work? Is the timeline where the doctor says 619 destroyed, and I guess that universe torn to theoretical strips? Or did he simply veer timelines, leaving the other one in tact, and perhaps existent in a..

Update 3:

..separate dimension? Maybe a new universe/pane of existence has been created out of this one paradox?

Sci-Fi people out there. Maybe you guys who've seen a lot of Star Trek. If you've even bothered to read all of this, What do you think?

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    There was a witch with similar abilities in a Terry Pratchett novel. If someone didn't say something after she had replied to it, it gave her a terrible headache.

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    There was a poster on the wall with three digits 619. Solved.

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