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Skin problems, help!?

I have a lot of persistent acne on my face (usually not whiteheads, but a lot of cystic acne and some that look like whiteheads without the pus). The problem is, whenever I treat it with acne cleanser, my face becomes really dry, flaky, and irritated. I always moisturize afterwards, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Oddly enough, even though my skin becomes dry from the acne cleanser, the moisturizer contributes to oiliness and causes more breakouts. I’ve tried a handful of acne cleansers (salicylic acid is too harsh for my skin), and Benzoyl peroxide seems to be the only “ingredient” that somewhat works. But still not completely effective. I’ve tried sooo many different brands, and am currently using Clean and Clear. It makes my face super red and irritated, as well as dry. I don’t apply much, only to the problem spots, and try not to leave it on for too long. I’ve experimented with using it once and day and twice a day, to no avail. As for the moisturizer, I’ve also tried many different brands. I make sure not to use any with oil in them. I’m currently using Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizer. Just makes my skin oilier while also being dry for some reason, causing me to break out even more. I exfoliate 2-3 times a week, but can’t any more than that due to my skin being very sensitive. I’ve tried both chemical and physical exfoliant, have even made my own using honey and sugar, or honey, sugar and apple cider vinegar, honey and salt, brown sugar and honey, etc.

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    Unfortunaltely that dryness is how these acne products work. Acne is caused by a bacteria the eats skin oil so starving the bacteria of oil kills the bacteria. There are many excellent moisturizers out there that aren't clinique's so-called dramatically different. In reality there's nothing dramatic or different about it. It's an old fashioned oil-based, heavily scented product that hasn't been different since the start of the 21st century. Water-based gel moisturizers are light, oil free and some are very suitable for sensitive skin. Just be sure you use one that is fragrance free. Another option is simple aloe vera leaf gel. Don't waste money on gels from the drug store -some have no aloe vera in them. Get an aloe vera plant from a plant store, cut off the tip of a leaf and squeeze the leaf gel out and use that. It's anti-inflammatory, naturally moisturizing and gentle on the skin. Some also find aloe helps with acne. It certainly doesn't hurt. While using benzoyl peroxide it is important to NOT use scrubs and exfoliants -especially if it makes your skin red and dry. The red raw over-scrubbed skin makes more oil to stop the redness and you want less oil, not more. Stop scraping , scrubbing and injuring your skin and see if less scrubbing helps. Be gentle, sometime harsh acne treatments make thing worse, not better. Your skin needs to heal.

    Sometimes persistent acne that responds to nothing needs a skin specialist. Sometimes it isn't acne. It can be a serious hormone imbalance, an overgrown of different non-acne bacteria, skin mites, yeast or other fungus and a few others with big medical words. A visit to a dermatologist might be needed to sort out what is really going on.

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    Cystic acne is usually caused by hormones... which means it can't really be treated unless you go on birth control or go see a dermatologist..

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