Only having your stomach done during lipo suction will it make you look disproportioned? Going to Sono Bello?

I'm due to have my c section pooch removed at Sono Bello this coming tuesday. I was supposed to have the love handles around my waist done as well, but can't afford it right now. The consultant told me I'd look disproportioned if I didn't get my waste done too. The surgeon laughed it off when I asked him and asked if I could walk backwards if I was so concerned. I've been working on my love handles I have through exercises and I have noticed they are tightening up. Has anyone had success at Sono Bello?

1 Answer

  • 1 year ago

    Sono Bello isn't liposuction. Liposuction is a medical procedure done under general anesthetic. Sono Bello is not an invasive procedure.

    Love handles are located on the top of the buttocks, which are BELOW the waist. Yes, it would look disproportionate, but since you're not having your love handles done, it doesn't matter. What confuses me is that you say your love handles are "tightening up".. What the heck does that mean? Love handles are excess fat.. you may be slimming them down, but they are NOT tightening up.. MUSCLES tighten up.. Skin tightens up.. fat does not.

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