Focal , Morel, Pioneer, which one is better?

I am about to buy some component speakers, im deciding between Morel Maximo 6, Pioneer TS-D65C , Focal Integration ISS 165 or JL Audio C1-650, Any advise?


I have an Apine MRP-F300 V amplifier.

I am not able to hear them in person since I'm Buying online outside the US.

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    1 year ago
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    Audible differences between those sets would likely not be significant (except maybe the Pio's if that sensitivity rating is accurate).

    W/o a firsthand audition I really don't know a good way to go about deciding that would be much better than flipping a coin.

    You can look at a few specs and maybe get a little bit of an idea about what some strengths/weaknesses may be -- for example -- the Pio's sensitivity is the lowest of the 3 -- actually significantly lower.

    It also boasts the widest frequency range -- although 32hz can be nothing more than marketing voodoo (there are subs that can't do much that low), and 40+khz is useless unless you're part canine.

    Among the 4 I'd probably rank them as Focal 1, Morel 2, JL 3, Pio 4.

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    1 year ago

    If you look up reviews on each and audition them in the stores you will be able to decide what you like out of those choices. I don't think it's right for any of us to spend your money for you.

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    We don’t know. It all depends on how loud you wanna get, how you want it to sound like, and how much money you have.

    A $1,000 system will be loud enough to please most people and your neighbors.

    A $3,000 system will be loud enough to be heard from about 1 mile away.

    A $6,000 system will be loud enough to get you a noise violation ticket from the police.

    A $10,000+ system will be loud enough to win an SPL competition in car audio.

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    [A] It's any ADVICE not any advise.

    [B] ''Better'' is subjective and we all hear differently and have different preferences. It's what sounds better to you that matters. Go someplace where you can audition them in person.

    [C] If you are not planning to use a separate amplifier to get the most out of any of these then you're wasting your money.

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