Why does replacing a musician in a band become so hard for the replacement?

for instance, when Freddie Mercury died Deacon was upset and did not replace Fred. He knew that he could not find someone to sing like that.

Same thing with Boston, but Tom Scholz tried to replace Delp many times I think 5 times, and he has come nowhere close, although he did find great singers.

Journey has had Arnel to replace Perry, although Arnel is a great singer in his own right, to recreate the sound Perry did is nearly impossible

Just like the Paul McCartney when he does Beatles songs as a solo artist. Great band, but the guitar playing isn't like George, and his harmonies with John were unmatched and no one can sound great with him.

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    Its the Chemistry between the band members. Also the genre has a lot to do with it.

    If your band is a well known arena rock group, you are going to habe a tougher time replacing a vocalist or guitarist than you would if your bsnd was an infamous black metal band in which the vocalist killed himself and the original guitarist got killed by the dude who was playing bass as a session musician.

    Why? Because its more difficult to be a great arena rock band than it is to be a great black metal band.

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    Who says it is? Yardbirds, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers & Fleetwood Mac changed guitarists like changing socks, & it didn't seem to affect how much success they had or how people regarded them. Beatles shed Pete Best for Ringo Starr & got better. Rolling Stones shed Brian Jones for Mick Taylor with no qualitative loss.

    Re: McCartney: On a lot of songs he plays, HE did the original guitar bit for The Beatles. You need to give some examples.

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    When it comes to replacing singers, it can be difficult because you need to find someone with a similar aesthetic that's just as, if not more talented.

    Take Adam Lambert being the touring frontman for Queen. Adam is a good singer & overall performer, it's nothing against him, but he's no Freddie.

    It's a lot like changing a recipe for a say, a burger that is already popular. It's the old recipe that made it so good & so popular, changing it is a risk because they'll be a new flavour that might not be as good as the thing everyone already knows & loves.

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    Because they cant live up to the original. There will always be but hes not so and so. Replacing anything in a band is hard. Rarely does it work out. And most of the time the band suffers a hit. And if it does work out, its for a finate amount of time. And there is always changes that are made in the band. Also what the person in the band does, who is replaced is a big part as well. Singers seem to be the hardest to replace. Replacing anyone is hard, and you cant please everyone. Some bands just break up, and dont preform again. If a key member leaves, either by death, disagreement or other reasons.

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    Queen seemed to work very well with Paul Rodgers on vocals!

    Whether Queen tracks or Free/Bad Co etc. tracks, they make a good team.


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    People become accustomed to the first singer as identifying the original bands sound. Brian Johnson was one of the few that replaced a popular lead singer and got away with it.

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