A rocket of total mass 500kg on the earth surface is to be launched into space, calculate the K.Energy required of it to escape into space.?

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    Energy = KE = ½mV² = ½(500)(√(2GM/r))²

    = 250(2GM/R) = 500(3.98e14) / (6.37e6) = 3.12e10 J

    Escape speed

    V₀ = √(2GM/r)

    V₀ = √(2gr) (alternate)

    G = 6.673e-11 Nm²/kg²

    where M is mass of body and r is distance

    from center of body

    g is gravity at the surface

    earth GM = 3.98e14

    earth radius 6,371 km = 6.37e6 meters

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    Man, that is a lot of rocket sciençe for one question.

    Gravitation constants, earth mass and distance factors.

    Escape velocity factors, not taking into account of fuel consumption and changing weight loss.

    Your rocket has to have 1200 pounds of thrust to get off the pad, then carry enough fuel to accelerate to escape velocity, taking into account drag from air resistance.

    Sheesh, and I thought just designing and building a smaller rocket was work.

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    I'm not quite sure. Does the rocket ship look anything like this? (_(_)::::::::::::::::::::D~~~~~~~ That's an artists representation.

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