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Why did south africa have apartheid?

In canada racism is a crime against law and is seen as bad as child rape.

why were south africans not willing to make themselves legally equal to black south africans?

I mean since the end of apartheid south africa has become more powerful. can you imagine how much more powerful south africa would be today if during the cold war blacks were not discriminated against for their skin color?

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    LoI racism isn't a crime in Canada. You're not Canadian are you...

    South Africa was an apartheid state because peopIe Iike to have power. Most of the worId is actuaIIy some kind of oIigarchy in one way or another.

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    1 year ago

    why does the US support apartheid in Israel ?

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    1 year ago

    cause only whites can truly create a great society, it's still an apartheid state except against whites now, we should nuke south africa

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