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What do you think would happen if Sharon Osbourne tried to rip off the members of Black Sabbath like she did with Ozzy's solo band members?

she fired Don Costa at the US festival. She told Jake that Ozzy wrote everything for bark at the moon and he did not do anything. she also did the same thing to Bob dAISLEy.

What if Sharon tried to tell Tony Iommi that Ozzy wrote the riff to ironman and that he can stand in line to sue her while they get another guitarist to play the song on the record? What if she remastered their albums like she did with Blizzard and DOAMM with different guitarist bass and drums?

Would Iommi do something? I heard he is pretty violent.

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  • Andrew
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    11 months ago
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    Well, Sharon wasn't actually in the record business when Ozzy was a member of Black Sabbath. It's true that her father was the band's manager, but that wouldn't have given her any sway over managerial decisions made. And because Black Sabbath happened to be a very democratic outfit when it came to songwriting credits - all four members were credited despite the fact that Tony Iommi composed nearly all of the band's material and Geezer wrote nearly all of the lyrics. Thus, it would have been completely impossible for Sharon to claim that Ozzy had written anything without the other members' assistance. That's precisely why Ozzy was able to continue playing Iommi's songs for the next 40 years - legally he was co-writer of those songs, so the members of Black Sabbath weren't able to prevent him from incorporating them into his sets or re-recording them for profit. I'm sure that's a decision that Iommi and company regret very deeply.

    Sharon Osbourne is indisputably a vile gash of the highest order. She's just a reprehensible human being, through and through. But what a lot of people don't know is that her underhandedness and selfishness and greed can be traced back to her decision to enter into a relationship with Ozzy and to establish herself as a band manger in her own right, stepping out of her father's shadow. Because you see, her father (being the manager of the band Black Sabbath), obviously did not take kindly to her decision to venture out on her own and picking Ozzy up as her first client. The man felt that it was a major betrayal - and one so unforgivable that the two did not speak for decades afterwards. And Sharon took to her work with a sense of viciousness and cold calculation. She immediately set out grooming Ozzy to become a superstar and never had any qualms about fecking over anybody that she had to in order to see to it that he gained as much fame and recognition and notoriety and money as possible.

    What she did to many of the early members of Ozzy's solo band is just horrid. She cheated people, she fired them without warning or cause, she screwed them out of songwriting credits and royalties. She had the audacity to have their musical legacies erased. It takes a certain type of heartlessness to do things like that to people, and that's only the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to her misdeeds.

    But let's be perfectly honest - Ozzy was never a saint either. He became very, very adept at playing into the image that he was a braindead nincompoop who was so completely off his head on drugs and booze that he was barely functional, but he went along with her devious schemes. He was complicit in all of her evils. He agreed to fire people who poured everything they had into making him rich and famous, people who supplied the talent and the creative vision that he himself has never been able to bring to the table. He signed off on letting them go, on stiffing them when it came to pay, on preventing them from profiting from music that they wrote and recorded. He's a living legend who is in reality a total and complete piece of excrement. He's been Sharon's cash cow for decades. She built his image, she selected his musicians - even passing up more capable candidates in favour of those she felt would fit in with the image she wanted to showcase.

    Do you know that George Lynch was originally the front runner to replace Randy Rhoads? Brad Gillis had made it very clear that he would never walk away from Night Ranger and that his position in the band was never going to be anything ore than temporary. George Lynch was never an official member, but he was doing soundchecks and guitar tech work and he was obviously a very capable player who had the familiarity with the material and he could have easily slipped right into the role... But Sharon didn't think he had the right "look." So she decided to hire Jake E. Lee after only hearing him one time after which Ozzy promptly fired George on the spot. And George had only very recently witnessed the firing of Don Costa who was also handed the news and taken completely by surprise.

    Sharon would never have been able to screw Iommi and company out of their songs because Ozzy himself had agreed that those songs belonged to everyone who recorded them. And seeing as she was estranged from her father who continued to manage Black Sabbath for a time, it's obvious that the man would have been positively unmerciful if she had tried to screw over his clients.

    As for Iommi being "pretty violent", keep in mind that these blokes were from Birmingham and Aston, and assuming from your screen name that you're an American, I can only assume that you don't know the first thing about that part of the world. The West Midlands is not a nice place today, and it was even worse back then. It's always been a place where people are scraping by, few people are more than comfortable and practically none are excessively rich. Violence is part of everyday life there. In fact, Iommi used to bully Ozzy when the two were at school years earlier. Most people from that part of England know how to handle themselves, and Iommi is no exception. In later years, while the accent never faded, he did come to take on the image of a proper gentleman, but deep down, he was still a Midlands boy who would kick anybody's head in if they tried to feck with him.

    Sharon Osbourne is one of the most ruthless and repulsive people to ever disgrace the music industry, and Ozzy has been her little pet for over 40 years so he shares the blame for everything she's done. He might have lent his voice to some of the most iconic metal songs of all time, but he's still an abhorrent individual who's little better than the cvnt he's married to.

    • Jake
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      11 months agoReport

      People think Ozzy and Randy had a good relationship but apparently it was rough. He would taunt Randy if he didn't stay in the band and tell him that Frank Zappa or Gary Moore would replace him.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Sharon Osbourne does did not have schit to do with Ozzy while he was in Sabbath. He didnt meet her until after he was out of Sabbath.

    Which would have been between 1979 or 1980.

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