Am I pregnant ?

Okay so I quit BC going on 3 weeks ago .. the first day of my last period was 7/15/2019. I quit my BC pills after my period ended which was 4 days later ...technically my period would be due in 7 days on 8/14 but I’ve heard that your period can come basically anytime since the body has to readjust ..

Besides the normal pms symptoms / quitting BC symptoms .. I noticed brown discharge/ dark brown blood but only when I wiped . It happened once yesterday and once today . It hasn’t reoccurred throughout the day .. I also have cramping .. it’s intermediate .

So. does this sound like I’m going to get an early period ? Is it due to ovulation ? Or is it implantation bleeding . ( I’ve been trying to conceive)

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    1 year ago

    Early period, implantation bleeding is very very rare and pink coloured and so light you probably don't see it

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