How does Tony Iommi compare to the Guitarists Ozzy has played with in his solo career?

My friend was dissing Tony claiming "Randy and Jake were far superior to Iommi. They had more chops. They both could play Iommi's stuff with ease. If Iommi tried playing Diary of a Madman or Bark at the Moon he would probably complain of how complicated they are. All of Jake' and Randy's songs or most of them have complicated chord voicings and the scales they use in their solos are far superior to Iommi. Iommi just uses riffs in his songs which don't require much technical ability to do. Jake was ding stuff like stretching his thumb across the fretboard while Randy was mastering legato. All Iommi did was try to be a riff master like Jimmy Page, maybe a poor man's Jimmy Page. He didn't reallyy have any complicated solos. Ritchie Blackmore is even better than him even Brian May"

while that maybe true, I don't agree that they could play Tony's songs with ease. First of all you can't get the same sound as Tony cause of his finger. Second of all he plays left handed so he won't sound the same.

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    8 months ago
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    There's a lot I've guitarists out there that can play the guitar faster and do fancier footwork then Tony but there is nobody and I mean nobody that has that Black Sabbath sound like Tony does there's been a lot of guitarist out there that's tried to sound like Sabbath and I just can't do it. There's just something about the way Tony plays that has that gutsy deep Sabbath roar that nobody else has been able to imitate successfully.

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    Tommy iommi is better than all

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  • 8 months ago

    So you're saying Tony wasn't as skilled as the later lead guitarist? Tony was more than a riff master. But I think Randy Rhoads was a more skilled guitarist. Tony Iommi had missing finger tip on his right hand, (ring finger) which was his fret hand. So he needs a little consideration for his disability.

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