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Do I need a talent agent/manager in Canada?

I am a 19 year old Canadian writer/director who intends on attending film school in LA in 2022 and relocating there. My question is: is it worth it to get a talent agent/manager here in Canada even though I m moving to the US in 3 years? What would be some pros and cons? Thanks!

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    I don't understand. What exactly are you looking into, acting, writing or directing? Actors, writers, and directors have different agents and managers, and they're often not with the same company. The companies that represent talents all across the board (the big 5, and smaller ones) don't take on beginners.

    Also, agents and managers are two different things. Talent managers only take on high-profile actors. As in, very experienced actors, A listers especially. They book interviews and talk shows and such. No manager will take on an unknown beginner. With writers/directors, it's the opposite - managers are for beginners.

    The reason I'm confused is because talent agents represent actors and not writers/directors. And you're going to a film school, which is where you study film and not acting.

    To answer your question, if you're in this for acting, it's only worth it if they (the rep) have strong connections to casting directors in the US. If you're in this for writing/directing, it's only worth it if they have strong connections to producers in the US. In either case, I think the best bet would be to first finish school and get loads of experience and training (if you're an actor: about a decade of training in the form of a top-quality acting school and workshops and such, in addition to low-level experience in the form of student films and indies, as well as community theater. Constantly land leading roles. Win awards. If you're a writer: several strong and professional screenplays, maybe a couple of indies. You don't need a degree. If you're a director: several strong and professional indies, win awards. No degree is required). In addition, learn the business you're looking to get your foot into. If you're an actor, you learn that stuff in a good acting school. And by doing your own research. If you're a writer/director, it's completely on you to learn how these things really work. While doing all of that, network and impress. That's the best way to get representation of any kind. Other ways (like cold-querying) rarely work.

    You can do any and all of that anywhere. There's no point looking into agents/managers (or moving) before that, no manager/agent will even consider taking you on without this kind of strong resume/portfolio. It's just not that simple, it's not really about pros and cons.

    This takes many years of hard work. Chances are you're not gonna be ready by the time you graduate (unless you're an actor and you've been doing this since you were a child. If you're a writer/director, this also take about a decade of hard work. Film school is not enough and even unnecessary). By that time, you need to ask yourself where you wanna work, in Canada or the US. If it's Canada, go back and use your connections to get representation there. If in the US, apply for an artist visa (or any other way for you to immigrate, if it's possible) and move to the US, then use your connections to try and get representation. It's very likely you will need to continue working getting experience and training and connections before managing to land representation of any kind, take that into account.

    So unless you already have a great track record under your belt, you're not gonna be able to get an agent/manager at this point anyway. It's not that you hire an agent/manager and they get your jobs, it doesn't work that way.

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    Your question indicates a lack of understanding of the entertainment industry and immigration, so maybe do more research before making any decisions.

    First agents and managers are two different things. You should understand the difference and what role they would play in any career you attempt. Plus the necessity of getting an agent or manager depends on what you’re trying to do - acting? directing? writing?

    Second, you can’t just hire an agent or manager. It’s more like they choose you. Do you even have a strong enough resume that an agent or manager in Canada would be interested in representing you?

    Third, you can’t just relocate to the US. You’re not a US citizen so there are immigration requirements. There are specific visa requirements for non-citizens to legally work in the US. Do you understand what those are and how you could attempt to get them?

    So can’t really answer your question until you have a clearer understanding of what you want and what you have to do

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    For one thing, it's very difficult to move permanently to the USA - particularly for anyone in the film industry. Training there won't help.

    The USA already has hundreds of thousands of unemployed people in that field.

    Secondly, you don't need a manager at all.

    Thirdly, only after you've had years of training as an actor and loads of experience, would any genuine agent even consider signing you. Actors don't choose their agents - the agents choose their clients.

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    Your idea of 'moving' will be stopped by the fact you are not American so have no right to live in the US without the correct visa to do so and your abilities/education in the field you work doesn't attract a work visa to enable what you want......... so you will be moving back to Canada once you finish studying in the US so Canada is where you will be living and working so start thinking of what you need to do that

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