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Friend trying to steal my crush?

So here's this guy I like and he likes me too , my friend knew that. Once he came for me but my friend started flirting with him , whenever he passes through me she passes him smiles , winks at him, stares him a lot like hell he is very good looking, so it seems like I'm out of scene now. It started from me but now the friend and my crush are like staring at each other, I distanced myself from the girl and boy. I don't walk with her much but now when I see my crush, he acts like so nervous and stares me a lot and his all body language is that of falling for me. I'm confused, what does he want. My friend tried to steal him, I have no idea why and she also got very angry when I distanced from her as she doubted that I'm going to approach him.

What to do of this situation, I have no idea he likes me or my friend.

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    Sounds like he prefers you to your friend but doesn't know how you feel about it. I presume you were never b/f and g/f? Therefore, Mr. No-girlfriend Handsome was free and fair game.....hence your so-called friend thought he was as up for grabs for her as well as for you. I assume you got as far as talking to him while she was still at the winking and staring stage? He looked back (well, boys do don't they) and you got peeved and just backed off the pair of them. She's not with him and he's acting like he still likes you a lot. It's up to you what you do now. You've given Miss Winky the brush off but you could make eyes again at Mr.Handsome and see if it leads anywhere. Sounds like he's learned his lesson for paying attention to your ex mate. Try it. If it doesn't work out you haven't lost anything have you apart from an insensitive 'friend' and a pretty but perhaps a bit dopey boy. Good luck

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    If he’s interested, he’ll pursue you regardless of anyone else’s interest.

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