How do you deal with insects?

Last night my mother made the mistake of opening our house door at around midnight and some insects flew into our home

We've always had insects on a weekly or monthly basis but this insect is different from the insects that usually come into our home - they are fast and sometimes harder to kill

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  • 7 months ago
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    I have a small shrimp net that I use to catch bees and flies in my kitchen. I then release them back outside. For anything else, where possible (I have a cat so it can be difficult), I use a fly spray to kill any annoying things.

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  • k w
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    7 months ago

    well you won't do it, but I mixed 50 drops of sodium chlorite and 50 drops of citric acid solution, and it makes a gas/vapor, which is good for foul odors, and kills insects, I had my basement flood and not only did I lose all the stuff down there, but it was black water and stunk up to high heaven, but the gas/vapor killed the stench, then I got flooded again the following year...I was pissed, but I plan to use it here

    for the moths I got and it should do it just fine, don't stay in the house, no plants, no pets, no humans for a cpl hours, the bugs will be dead and a fresh smelling house too......

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