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What is the procedure for a deployment of thrust reverser in flight?

I'm asking because it has happened, Google Lauda Air and TAM 402, both cases were catastrophic and the planes crashed.

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    Cut power to the reversed engine, and attempt to stow the reverser.

    I think that is pretty much obvious.

    But the very first step would be for the crew to be AWARE that the reverser has deployed.

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    1 year ago

    They is not one thrust reversers are deployed when the wheels are on the ground.

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    1 year ago

    You flyboys crack me up!

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    The Lauda Air accident was uncommanded and may have been due to electrical problems with hydraulic valves, see


    The TAM was also uncommanded and caused by problems elsewhere with a switch, and no indications of a deployed reverser for the pilots


    Thrust reversers aren’t usually deployed in flight, especially with high bypass jets. Aircraft that used to do so included the IL62 just before landing on the outer of each pair of jets - google for pics.

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    To deploy an undeployed thrust reverse defector while in flight:

    Open emergency exit over wing area.

    Take a fire ax from the cabin emergency supplies.

    Step out onto the wing and proceed to engine nacelle. If a 737 with high bypass fanjets, you can slide down onto the rear part of engine. Caution, it is very hot there. If a Boeing other 700 series or an Airbus, you will have to shimmy down the stalk holding the engine, then reach around to the back portion.

    Fire ax can be used to pry open the diverter buckets. Watch out for the jet blast!

    Or read the aircraft's operating procedure manual to see if it can be done in air by pulling back the thrust levers all the way.

    Source(s): On a WW2 British bomber in flight, a pilot actually got onto the wing with a rope from cabin holding him. He fought an engine fire and saved plane and crew. https://www.wearethemighty.com/history/that-time-a...
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    There is no procedure to deploy in flight. Our C-141's system was tied into the Weight on Wheels switches.

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    1 year ago

    Don’t deploy thrust reverser s in flight. ;)

    But probably the easiest thing is to retard all of the thrust levers at once. That way you don’t have to identify which specific engine is causing the problem and you immediately cure thrust asymmetry. Then identify the engine and shut it down while slowly adding power to the remaining engines and correct rudder input.

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