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My family hates me?

For a while now I’ve been getting treated poorly by family and friends and I don’t know why, recently my mother has been distancing herself from me and acknowledging my sister more (this isn’t jealously) my sister always says kind things to my mother like she loves her and she’s kind. My mother appreciates this a lot however when I say these things she says I don’t really mean that and that I hate her (I love her with every fibre in my being) if I do anything wrong I’m hit until I have scratches all over me and not able to go to school because they’re all over my arm and very red. that day I had to lock myself in the bathroom so she wouldn’t hit me anymore I was so scared I felt like a complete stranger was hitting me. That day I cut myself until i bled and up until this day I still have the scars whenever my mother has

friends over she’ll make me show them my scars and they’ll scold me and laugh at me. She always points out my flaws yet I continue to smile and compliment her because whatever I do I can’t hate her, she calls me things like pathetic, annoying and etc.

I have a step-dad who barley acknowledges me at all, he’ll ask my sister all about how her day was and gives her hugs. Then he scolds me for being on my phone or not being productive but he’s such a hypocrite because he’s always locked in his room on his technology. The only time he’ll talk to me is when he’s telling me to wash his dish or putting something away but mostly grounding me for no apparent reason.


I also have a grandma (we’re not related) all she does is scold me with my mother and she doesn’t talk to me ever. Only my sister because they’re actually related I suppose she’ll buy her dresses and anything she wants. But if I desire anything I’m turned down immediately and called greedy, she blames me for everything if something goes missing, if something breaks and etc. The worst part of it all is no one defends me she’ll lie to my parents just so they can ground me she makes me so depressed

Update 2:

I waste my allowance buying them things and they never seem to appreciate it, I just want them to like me what am I doing wrong? Honestly when I turn 18 I don’t know if I ever wanna see them again.

Update 3:

I don’t wanna file and get my parents in trouble.

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  • Kelley
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    You need to file a report with Children and Family Services now.

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  • Pearl
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    10 months ago

    if theyre being abusive call cps

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