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My ex and I recently starting hanging out after breaking up for a few weeks...?

So we broke up a few weeks ago and then recently starting hanging out. The break up was mutual because we have some issues and we thought space would be good. However we missed each other and want to hang out as friends. We didn’t hook up but we were really close with each other. It was good until when she left all the negative emotions came back like the anxiety and stress from the relationship. I have no idea what to do because I love her and I love being with her. Ik most people will say just don’t see her and move on but I don’t want to. I want to get past this and be able to see her as a friend and then that could turn into something else but idc if it doesn’t. I just can’t get past the fact that she was very “touchy” with other guys while we were together. She wouldn’t like sleep with them but still the touchy thing still bothers me. And yeah idk I just was looking for some advice on how to not be so obsessed with her and to get rid of my anxiety

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    If she’s touchy with other men right in front of you, then she’s probably kissing them and having actual sex with them behind your back when you’re not around.

    Girls always will do way more behind your back than in front of you. So if she’s actually touching guys in front of you... you’re in trouble.

    I’m not saying your relationship can’t work out, because maybe it can... but that would require you to lay down the law, tell her your expectations dominantly and confidently, and assert that you know full well her behavior is sketchy and you wanna make sure she’s not cheating. Doing an APP for her phone like “Mobistealth” is a great start, it lets you see all her calls, texts and messages she does. Then get a password to prevent her from downloading new apps without ur permission (like Tinder, Bumble or Snapchat) is also a great start.

    Get a reign on her, stop letting her run wild like a mare in heat. Let her know if u date, u do it in a way where u know for a fact shes being faithful

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