Why is pleaded considered correct (vs. pled) as the past tense of plea when pled makes more sense?

No one says 'He wedded her', 'I saided it', or 'He bleeded out'...


OK OK... maybe not the best analogies but why is pleaded (vs. pled) considered correct?

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    Verbs have tended to regularize (take the -ed past tense ending) over hundreds of years of development. That's why most dictionaries list both "dived" and "dove" as past tenses of "dive". Verb that are used the least tend to become regular. That's why verbs we use often, such as "eat", "come", "go", "drive", etc. have retained the irregular past tense forms.

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    Actually, 'wedded' is correct for past tense. 'Saided' is redundant; 'said' is past tense of 'say'.

    Bled is the correct term for loss of blood. Bleeded is the correct term for other usages, such as bleed valves or graphics that 'bleed' to the edges of a page.

    The website Grammarist has this to say about

    pleaded vs pled.

    'Pleaded is the standard past-tense and past-participial form of the verb plea. Pled has always been considered incorrect by usage authorities, but it’s so common that we have to accept it. … But because pleaded is much more common and is unanimously accepted by all dictionaries and usage authorities, it is safer than pled. And it should be noted that pleaded is preferred by an especially wide margin in publications known for high editorial standards.'

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    pled as in begging, pleaded as in court plea, is how it works in my region.

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    Because English is a language which isn't consistent in the formation of past tense forms..

    Plead is not the most inconsistent one, anyway. Why pick that one? What about go? I go, I went. Why not goed? Or drink. I drink, I drank. Why not drinked? And why isn't it I say and I sayed? Then there's I am and I was. In some cases, there are reasons. In some, there are none that anyone can tell. They are what they are.

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    By that ridiculous analogy, the plural of "mouse" would be "meece".

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