How much weight would I lose if I were to eat 1000 calories a day?

How much would I lose in 10 or 20 or 30 days?

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    1 year ago
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    3500 calories = 1 pound. You'd have to know your calorie deficit in order to calculate how much weight you should lose in a given period. Exercise will increase your weight loss. Example - if you are eating 700 calories less per day than your body requires, you will lose a pound every 5 days. 1 Cheat day could erase all of that.

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    That depends on how many calories you burn a day. Your calorie usage depends on activity, age, gender, current weight, height, and how overweight you are.

    A calories deficit of 3,500 will cause a fat loss (not weight but fat) of 1 pound. If you use 2,000 calories a day and only consume 1,000, you should lose two pounds of fat a week.

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    not how you lose weight

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    none you first have to learn that then you can probably 15 days 15 pounds

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    Depends on your weight, height, gender and age.

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