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How to make computers work from a different continent?

If I buy a computer from a different continent then would I need to buy a device, for the computer to work in my continent?

I live in America.

I don't see a power cable that I can buy with the computer that I am interested in buying. Can I use a universal power adapter with the computer?


I was looking at some forums that discuss about my question. A plug converter, and a voltage converter, or power converter is what I don't have, and I think I might have to buy it.

Update 2:

I already know about the PSUs switch, for desktops, so maybe I just have to buy a plug converter.

Regarding the power adapter, I don't know if I should use a universal power adapter, or if I have to look, for a power adapter that specifically works with the computer, and will work in America.

Update 3:

I figured it out. I will be buying the power adapter from the other continent, and plug converter, and voltage, or power converter, and that's if I buy a desktop that can switch voltages.

Update 4:

I figured it out. I will be buying the power adapter from the other continent, and plug converter, and voltage, or power converter, and that's if I buy a desktop that can't switch voltages.

Update 5:

The plug converter should allow me to plug in the power adapter from the other continent in my outlet, or power bar, but I think the difference of voltages still is a problem. I am going to buy a voltage converter, and use it just to make sure nothing bad happens to my computer.

Update 6:

If I buy a laptop then I am going to buy a voltage converter.

Update 7:

If I decide to buy a desktop, and it doesn't have a switch to change the voltages then I will buy a voltage converter. I don't know if all desktops have that switch.

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    It doesn't matter where the computer came from. It should work anywhere.

    The main concern is only AC voltage from the wall socket. Most are either 220V or 110V although some (I think) can go as high as 240V or as low as 100V. In case voltage is different, use a step-up or step-down transformer between the wall socket and the PC. Some AVRs (Automatic Voltage Regulator) come with both 220V and 110V outlets.

    Some places have intermittent power levels. If you live in such environment, try using two AVRs in series.

    Having a different plug isn't really an issue. Either use a plug adaptor or change the power cable entirely. There are always power cable replacements available. They're not that hard to find. Just keep trying.

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    Hi. Lots of help with the power brick above, but You may also have an addiional problem with the keyboard layout of the computer, there are well over 250 different keyboards from countries around the world, which is why Windows asks about it during setup.

    You'll probably want to find out which keyboard it has installed before You buy a laptop - they can be pretty expensive for instation & if You order from the US they'll probably send a US voltage keyboard.


  • 1 year ago

    the 220v power cable is regularly sold in the countries you will be visiting. this cable goes form the outlet to the power block and the power block then plugs normally into the laptop. make sure your laptop supports automatic voltage detection [it's in the owner's manual].

    note that not all 220v foreign systems use the same power plugs.

    Or, you can get a reasonably cheap universal power convertor online via sources such as newegg. the critical thing to look for in such converters is a flexible cord at least one foot [30cm] long -- i've had the situation where the weight of my convertor pulled it's plug out of the 220v socket.

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  • Bill-M
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    Desktop or Laptop?? Laptop. Look at the fine print on the AC Adapter. Most of them will work on 100VAC to 240VAC. All you need is the PLUG adapter for that country.

    Desktop = The EASY Way is to just change the Power Supply. Go to a Computer Store in that country and purchase a new power supply. OR you need to look at the power supply and see if it has a switch to switch between 110V to 240V It it works only on 110VAC then you will need to get a step down transformer. The Power Supply would be cheaper.

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  • Bill
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    1 year ago

    Most portable computers nowadays have power adapters that accept an input voltage from 100 to 250 volts AC. You only need plug adapters for other countries.

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    Most modern power supplies work from 100 through 240 VAC and 50 or 60 Hz. Your computer from USA will need a new plug adapter to go into sockets from Europe, Africa, Australia or Asia. Other places like all of the Americas, no adapters are necessary.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    The major issue is the power. North American computers are 120V, 60 Hz. European and Asia would be likely 240V, 50 Hz

    Some computers are auto switching or have a switch you can throw to change between the two. if not, you would need to buy a voltage converter to increase 120V to 240V. finding the correct power cables (or making them) could be fun.

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