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Anxiety issues?

So over the few years I’ve suffered from severe anxiety during the night and sometimes during the day. I’ve used marijuana every night to try and mask it and it works. I’ve used weed for the last couple of years every night to calm myself down. I’m trying to stop smoking weed because I’m headed off to university in a couple weeks. Tonight will be the first night that I’m not smoking and I’m already having anxiety at work. Is there any way to help with the anxiety? I’ve tried breathing techniques and they work from about 30 seconds. I know I kind of did this to myself due to substance abuse but I’m trying to man up and power through it. I’ve seen professionals in the past and they never work. Is there any good techniques to get me through this? I feel like if I stick to a regular routine and excercise more often it will decrease the anxiety. Just looking for some help to tackle this situation. For those of you who have anxiety you know that it can feel like your chest is going to explode and you don’t want to talk to anyone. Please help

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    stop the cannibis and do more exercise.

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