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My “Grandma” hates me?

So when my mom had my sister she got married to my step dad and we all moved into a house together including my step dads mom (she’s like 50) She always finds ways to get me in trouble and favourites my sister because they’re actually related. My aunt was staying over for 2 weeks, and my “grandma, had brought waffles home (she works in a waffle factory) and my aunt ate a lot and they got finished and I got yelled at for it she said that’s what she hates about me (my aunt witnessed it) when my mother got home she complained to her making a whole big fuss about it saying oh you should’ve asked (Barley ate any) and they were for your sister not you. She made a whole fuss out of it even though she works in a waffle factory where she could easily get more. Then she threatened to tell my stepdad (he only talks to me when he’s grounding me or sum) even though she already told my mom cause she knows I’ll get punished by my step dad and not my mom. She annoys me so much she’s even had the nerve to call me a stupid little girl and blame me for stealing things when that wasn’t the case but my parents don’t believe me. I haven’t done anything to her so I don’t know why, she’s 50 something years old and she has to live with her grown a** son that has two daughters and a wife she honestly need to move out before I lose my cool.

PS: I do a lot for her like spending my allowance so she has nice things and she doesn’t have the decency to say thank you and just tells me to return it.


I don’t want any hate I just wanna know how I can get her to like me because she only seems to pay attention to her “real” grand daughter

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    I don’t think you can get her to like you. You can't change other people.

    You can only change yourself; maybe change what you're willing to put up with.

    You need to accept that even people who are "50 something years old" might still have a lot of growing up to do, and might run out of time before they ever grow up. Your Grandma might be Freud's 'Oedipal Mother' or Jung's 'Devouring Mother' (college level psychology).

    Focus your energies on growing up to be the best person possible because it seems that your family could use some grown ups.

    I recommend watching Jordan Peterson videos online, even though some of them might be a bit too advanced for you:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

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    The only one who can protect you is your mother. It was worse for us, we were adopted so there were no 'real relatives' at all. Just remember that at 18 you can go. I had my bag packed.

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    maybe you should move out so you dont have to be around her

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