Zariah asked in PetsFish · 1 year ago

Do female bettas have and defend territory? Or is it only the males?

Do female bettas choose territory to defend like the males? I have a female, her name is Numinex, and shes in a 30 gallon tank with my 5 guppies. they have been together for a few days, and she started flaring at my 2 yellow and orange ones, Naaslarum and Voslaarum. My other guppies are a white one named Paarthurnax, and 2 dark blue ones, Odahviing, and Vulthuryol. Numinez hangs out near a purple floating plant in the back left corner of the tank, and she flares at them only when they are go too close to that plant. I can tell them all apart too, and Numinex seems to get more irritated when Naaslarum specifically goes near her 'territory'.

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  • joe
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    1 year ago

    males define their territory and females choose the best males with the best territories. they will still stand their ground and create their own territory to live safely and hunt and feed in, but males will drive them out or take over their territory if they can and will protect the female against the other males advancements if the territory happens to be the best spot. this does not mean however that the female wont mate with the other males. ive seen betta females choose smaller males that were better colored, while occupying the larger males territory

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