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Do female bettas have and defend territory? Or is it only the males?

Do female bettas choose territory to defend like the males? I have a female, her name is Numinex, and shes in a 30 gallon tank with my 5 guppies. They have been together for a few days, and she started flaring at my 2 yellow and orange ones, Naaslarum and Voslaarum. My other guppies are a white one named Paarthurnax, and 2 dark blue ones, Odahviing, and Vulthuryol. Numinex hangs out near a purple floating plant in the back left corner of the tank a lot, and she flares at them only when they are go too close to that plant. I can tell them all apart, and Numinex seems to get more irritated when Naaslarum specifically, goes near her 'territory'. Paarthurnax and Vulthuryol dont ever go near it, but Odahviing does, and Numinex is totally fine with him being there. He even rests there when he does rest, and she'll even sit next to him sometimes. This whole thing kind of confuses me, cause I thought only males had territory, and Numinex seems to be FRIENDS with one guppy, while really disliking 2 of the others, and is neutral with the last 2. Anyone know anything about this?

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    They both do. Males stake out a territory for raising their brood and will allow only breeding females to approach them. Breeding females fight each other for access to the male. If there is no male present, they establish a pecking order. There is always a dominant female. If your tank has lots of hiding places, the guppies should be safe. But she could start picking on them or kill them, especially the colorful ones. You will have to keep an eye on them.

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