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Is it possible that conventional corn (not organic) be non-gmo?

I thought all non organic corn produced now is genetically modified, but when I look at ingredients for couple whole foods products I bought that are not organic, they use corn but the product is advertised as non gmo. Is my belief false or is this false advertising?

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    Yes non GMO corn is still grown. Herbicide and insecticide costs per acre are usually a bit higher than for GMO corn , but there is usually a small premium available when selling the crop to offset this.

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    Yes, it is certainly possible.

    Probably 80-90% of the conventional corn grown in the US is genetically engineered, but there is some that is conventional-non-GMO corn grown to satisfy that market.

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    Yes it is possible

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    "all non organic corn produced now is genetically modified" that is NOT true.

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