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How do you control your own thoughts?

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    Depends on the person. If there are subconscious energy complexes, a history of drug or other substance abuse, etc., there may be related "openings" in the field of the individual, through which mass effluvia or "tramp thoughts" seek activation. For such conditions, the wiser course is usually non-medicated counseling (as most all synthetic drugs cause similar "openings" or unbalances in natural/normal body processes).

    Thus, your "own" thoughts are to be discerned via meditation, with a suitable pre-meditation contemplation upon sacredness (e.g., a bright golden-white or blue sphere of Light protection; a rose blossom; the face of Christ Jesus; etc.). Then, the rising subconscious thoughts (and feelings) are not reinforced by the meditator, rather the thoughts are dispassionately noted (occasionally, patterns and recurring patterns may manifest). Such insight meditation develops extinction of ephemeral or self/own thoughts and feelings, and develops healthy integration of waking conscious and waking subconscious (and therefore more bright and even lucid dreams, per waking subconscious as prime writer of dream scripts).

    Psychiatrist Olga Kharitidi gives this example of "control": holding control of one's own thoughts and feelings is like wise dominion or wisdom, re a squirming monkey-mind or a snakely complexification: hold the monkey or snake too tightly, and they die; hold them too loosely, and they escape. Thus Aristotle's "golden mean" or "Goldilocks zone" applies, when one has concluded one's insight meditation and returns to outer-world business.

    A higher form of meditation includes thinking the Thoughts of God, such as Love, Truth, Mercy, Life, Light.

    Some general books relating to this:

    The Path of the Higher Self;

    Man, Master of His Destiny;

    Autobiography of a Yogi;

    Beams from Meher Baba;

    The Master of Lucid Dreams;

    Watch Your Dreams.

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    there is to much stress for that to happen unless you know the b i t c h that i know

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    Change your environment to the one that gives you the right thoughts.

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    You can't control your own thoughts. It's all about how you react to them.

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    You speak positive things to yourself and that will help with your thoughts because then you will start thinking positive

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    It can be difficult to do

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    I find it impossible, especially when worried over something.

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    To know my real desire and my will elaborately.

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    By holding each thought in submission to Christ.

    In other words, does it pass his scrutiny? Is it good and healthy? Is it something I want to hold onto and cherish in my heart?

    Other thoughts that pop in my head and are not godly I discard like a peice of garbage. They pop in there because of exposure to the world.

    I am now in the process of 'holding thoughts' to see if they pass the test, even as they come to mind while I sleep.

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    Meditation helps teach us to redirect or allow thought to pass by. Also it helps to be reminded not to trust thoughts in our heads at times as valid, and becomes a learned skill.

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