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What does pocket AA win against? Does it beat three of a kind or a pair?

What does pocket AA win against? Does it beat three of a kind or a pair? Hypothetically if there are 2,2,J,5,9. I have Pocket Aces and someone as 2,3. Who wins?

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    222 would win, AA is only a pair, the top pair, but still only a pair. But if the 2,3 pocket has any chips behind the betting line it would typically fold against 3x to 5x preflop bet the Rockets should play to push off bingo players.

    The tier of hand type always wins over numbers. Numbers only apply within tier. For instance a royal flush is the best flush, beats a K high straight flush of another suit. Both are straight flushes, but the A-high straight flush wins. Some lists of poker hands don't list a royal flush (or for that matter a royal straight) as a distinct hand because it is just highest hand within tier. Most holdem tables suits don't matter either, two royal flushes of different suits would split the pot.

    I'm talking most holdem poker variations since you showed 5 community cards, but it's possible you could be taking some oddball game or ruleset that something else applies.

  • No, pocket AA only wins against one lower pair- like KK and lower.

    222 wins against AA.

    This is the order:

    Royal flush

    Straight flush

    Four of a kind

    Full house



    Three of a kind

    Two pairs

    One pair

    High card

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