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I don't know how to solve an issue in my story?

My story has magic in it, but the magic is slowly killing everybody (without them knowing) and the main character has to kinda take the magic away from everyone. But, everyone is pretty dependent on the magic, so if they do... then the country is going to fall. Any suggestions on how to solve this?


edit: I'm still in the planning stage so I'm fine with redoing some stuff.

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    compare the fiction with reality.

    according to arnold toynbee, " a study of history", civilizations in history have existed and died. so today, there are just 5-civilizations left viable, while 10-are dead civilizations, and those religions which existed in them are dead-religions as well. arnold toynbee, renowned historian, makes the point that civilizations go through a cycle of birth, growth, decline, and death; then that religions come into existence during the 2nd.-phase of the decline period of a civilization. this is when the civilization starts to decline, and the people see decline and the resultant suffering, and turn to religion as a "magic" means of dealing with the population pressures of a dying-civilization.

    this is true in the middle east most-of-all, simply for the very reason that it is the least viable of the five existing civilizations, and what we are seeing in the muslem wars is actually the "death-throes" of a dying-civilization.


    an example of a population problem is a paradox like: most of the middle east and north africa are muslem, and when faced with climate change and reduced need for oil, their main economic product base, it seems really apparent that the people will face difficult times. both society's need to reduce global warming which is fueled by the middle east's fossil fuel, and the increase in difficult weather and higher heat temperatures in the region, is it possible that faced with the possibility of change, that muslems will die, adapt, or migrate from the region. current statistics show that africa is on-the-move out-of-africa because of the population-pressures, and i can conceive that when the muslem world faces population-problems, it too will abandon its home territories,and fight a war of conquest for those greener pastures.


    so, in your story, the faeries can go to war, fight a magic war with other faeries, and then win or lose according to their "right" to win.

    lots of fantasy books follow this genre:

    "lord of the rings", "the matrix", " narnia" series, "babylon five";...and so on.

    Source(s): " a study of history", by arnold toynbee.
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    Your story contains an important idea about magic that was developed by writers like Edgar Allen Poe, which is that the use of magic always has a price that must be paid. The price is due to Magic being a skill used by the undead, demons and such. Decide on what kind of magic user (demon, elf, warlock) is providing the magic and send a hero on a quest to renegotiate the price that will be paid. Sacrifice is often the end result but it is rarely the purveyors of magic (the high priests) who pay the price but the pure and innocent.

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    Surely this is the basic POINT of your story. So it's up to YOU to think it through and work it out.

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    Do you need to solve it? Let the country fall / go back to the "stone age". Sure it won't be a happy ending, but I think it would be a pretty relevant ending in today's world with climate change, plastic in the oceans etc.

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    Why does your main character know magic is killing but no one else does? Just because they are depend on it why will the country fall? Which is worse the magic slowly killing everyone or the country falling? Do both result in everyone dead?

    You details were a bit hazy so it's hard to give you a clear answer.

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    Do you have a 'sacrifice' character written into your tale? It occurs to me that this man/woman/being could 'go down' as a loss to the story, but would take the slowly-killing magic with (him/them)... Of course, yes, that could call for much more of a re-write and re-incorporation of some other character that you weren't even thinking about...

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