Will getting Bs in my sophomore year affect my chances of getting into an Ivy League?

I am so determined to getting all A+ s in my junior and senior year, and also a perfect SAT score. Given all of that, will it ruin my chances of getting into colleges like Harvard or Princeton? I am a chairperson in Model UN and have been on conferences abroad. I'm also on the debate team and have won a lot of tournaments. I know it's near impossible to get a perfect of the SATs but I know I can do it.

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  • 1 year ago

    With straight-A grades in every class grades 9-12, every AP class your school offers, your debate team awards, and something truly extraordinary in scholastic or extracurricular achievements, your chance of getting into Harvard is about 5%. If you are not class valedictorian, and have a great deal more to offer, every other applicant to Harvard, etc. already exceeds you.

  • 1 year ago

    Yes. Everything will "affect" your chances, especially your grades; I should think that would go without saying.

    I do alumni interviews for an Ivy League university, and they regularly reject even the first-ranked student (valedictorian) in their high school class, with perfect or near-perfect SAT scores, and similar ECs as yours (even when I've given them my highest interview ranking).

    Along with being a top student in your class, you need to "stand out" from the other applicants. That basically means you need to be -nationally- recognized in whatever your "thing" is (debate, probably, for you). That's in addition to having top grades and SAT scores. "Conferences abroad" don't count if you paid for them, only if you received your place as an award.

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    1 year ago

    Not anymore. You have shown strong resolve posting this question again, and Ivy league colleges admire resolve and perseverance (also like in your extracurricular activities).

  • 1 year ago

    How many Bs did you get? On the one hand, schools like to see that you worked to improve your grades. On the other hand, there's enormous competition to get into the top schools (even if you mean Ive League in the generic sense and not the few schools who are in that athletic conference). It's important to them to see that you have exhibited leadership abilities, and the Model UN experience is great. Colleges are looking for people who will be successful in their classes, but also people who show the initiative to be successful after school. I think you have some good credentials, and with good grades, especially in Honors and AP courses in your junior and senior years, you should certainly be able to get into a really good school, but consider schools that are ranked in the top 100 but not in the Ivy League- like Stanford, Duke, UCLA, UC-Berkeley and others.

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