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Questions about TORONTO, ON?

I was in Toronto in 1985.

I am wondering if the following things that were true

about Toronto at that time, are still in effect today:


All night clubs, where you would go to dance and

to party, closed at 1:00AM

The only places to get a drink and hang out after

1:00am were bars.


Police officers were allowed to stop pedestrians for

no reason at all and to demand to see identification.


It was impossible to find cheap clothing.

It seemed as if all of the stores were somehow connected

and nobody wanted to undercut anybody else on pricing.


The subway system stopped running around midnight.


The central subway stop (I believe it was Yonge & Bloor)

was always extremely crowded on the platform during the

morning rush hour.

People would be packed like sardines waiting to transfer

and it almost felt dangerous Trains would always enter

the station very slowly.

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    1) Not any more.

    Licenced restaurants can stay open all night. They just can't serve alcohol all night. Any place can stay open any hours it wants but can't serve alcohol after 2 am. There are after-hours clubs for music, dancing, and socializing..

    2) No

    3) What's your idea of 'cheap'? If it's the same clothing being sold around the same time in the same area, it's no surprise that it all costs about the same. The places have similar overheads. If you're coming from the US, you won't find super bargain places for clothing anywhere in Canada, not like you can find in the US.

    4) It never did stop running around midnight, at least not since before about 1965, to my personal knowledge. It was always around 1:30 am, depending which stop you were using.

    5) Yes, as happens in all large cities with subways during rush hour.

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      Thank you. (3) Yes, you understood me perfectly. (4) As I recall, one couldn’t enter the subway system after 12:00am. So I guess it doesn’t run 24 hours. (Toronto disappointed me at the time and I was hoping that it had improved as I see that it has.)

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    We left Toronto and area back in 1989. An online search around the small town we lived in to the NW of the City shows exactly how much building had been done since then and in NO WAY all to the good in my opinion. I'd imagine, other than the specific things you ask about (which I can't help you with, obviously), you'd find a lot has changed since back then. Not the least how much more crowded it must be now.

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