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What made my breasts shrink from D cups to A's?!?

At 12 I wore a 34A. At 16 I hardly grew at all, wearing a 34B.

Then over 2 years I put on almost half my body weight (60 pounds) and became a 36D. I thought it was breast development. I stayed the same size for 3 years.

Then at 21 I started to slim down, I ended up a 34B at 130 lbs. I then had a baby and breastfed for a year. When my milk was dry I was a 34A. Most women do NOT lose 3 whole cup sizes from weight loss or breastfeeding. Why did they shrink so much?

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    Breasts are made of fatty tissue and fat cells expand with weight gain. Yes some skinny women have large breasts but you mentioned that up until 16 you were thin and did not. You also mentioned that in 2 years after that you put on HALF your body weight. 60 pounds is a LOT of weight If you are not very tall. It should have been obvious to you, and everyone else that you had a larger cup size as a result of becoming obese as they were smaller before. Also, Some women claim to have lost volume after breastfeeding, so perhaps that brought you down a bit in size as well, however I believe most of the shrinking was due to a very dramatic weight loss.

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    you lost weight and breasts are 50 - 80% fat tissue

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