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Can anorexia/bulimia during early teens permanently stunt growth and development? I am 27 years old and stopped growing at 12?

When I was 11, I got my period. and wore a 34A cup bra. Sadly, this is around when I got obsessed with my weight and began skipping meals. I never ate proper meals.

By 13 years old, I learned about purging. I often threw up everything I ate.

I remember years passing, and seeing my peers grow in height and develop curves, but my body did not budge. I am now 27 and the same height and bra size as when I was 12.

PS: My mom and dad were both tall, and my Mom was a C cup at a healthy weight.

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    Anorexia is a dangerous disease that can do major damage to the body.

    It quite well known that anorexia in adolescents can effect height, physical development AND development of the mind. Once you have reached a certain age, this is irreversible. In other words, you should consider yourself lucky worse did not happen!

    I am glad you were able to overcome your eating disorder, even if you suffered with the consequences. I hope you are now eating properly and taking better care of your body.

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    It would if it is severe enough to deprive you of nutrition. Your body needs nutrition to grow.

    It will stunt your growth. I have read that the appetite suppression caused by drugs like Adderall

    for attention deficit is enough to stunt the growth of a kid, and they may be 1 to 2 centimeters

    shorter as a result.

    Also, anorexia can stop a woman from having her period, so I'm sure it would also slow

    down or arrest development during puberty to some extent.

  • kelvin
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    no it won't and it can't

  • mokrie
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    Yes, of course it effects growth. It also effects brain development so you may be slower mentally then others.

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