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Have you known anyone who has been murdered?

A few months ago we lost our community member. She was female and was beaten by men a few years back and got blinded in one eye. Before the murder, she was always out asking for money and my family think her boyfriend who murdered her was sending her out to do it for alcohol for him. I have seen the murderer before with her. Have you known anyone who were murdered or have you known a murderer?

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    Yes, three people - a classmate of mine who was shot to death by her own father following an argument, my childhood nextdoor neighbor who was killed during a robbery at his job, and a regular customer during my department store days who was shot by a disabled man after an argument at a gas station (he claimed she hit his scooter with her car, they exchanged words, then he shot her out of fear for his life)

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    No, not personally. I have known a suicide victim.

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    My older brothers only daughter was beaten to death by her on again off again dirt bag boyfriend 15 years ago. It happened in a small Texas town and he totally got away with it. The police felt there wasn't enough evidence to convict. She left behind a two year old son who was raised by my brother and is now a senior in high school.

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      Very sorry to hear about that. x

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