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Do people recommend living in an apartment or advise against it?

I have been thinking of buying an apartment, since I feel one would suit my needs. However, most people advise against it, telling me communal living is too noisy and that when problems arise, it could prove very costly.

What has been your experience?

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    I suggest you live in an apartment before buying a condo apartment.

    Apartments are like fingerprints, no two are alike. It depends on where you live for the noise factor. If you live off the main street with busses and trains or live near a hospital or fire station or police station etc.... there will be noise.

    I have been living in an apartment for 26 years. Where I live around all the places and things I mentioned above. I also live near the 30th floor but noise travels plus there are neighbors (you never know who your neighbors will be).

    Hopefully, you can get an apartment with noise-proof windows but you will hear noise.

    If you are sensitive this, you just might not get used to it. I do remember when I first moved in here, it was so noisy but then I get used to and eventually I actually liked hearing others around me and even the trollies.

    I think you should really take your time to look for a place that suits your needs.

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    If you plan to stay in an area for a long period of time buy a house or condo. Apts. mean your rent just goes.

    A house or condo is like living in a savings g account. .And I like the idea of owning a peace of the earth under me, with a backyard..

    Source(s): Should have e bought a house years ago. Not into COMMUNALliving at all.
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    I have never lived in an apartment before as I have always lived in a single family home. I have had some pretty odd things happen to me, which I never instigated. So, I am thinking that if I could have the issues I have had with people who I do not share walls, a hallway, a stairwell/elevator, a common area or a parking lot, I certainly would not want to sign up for any apartment living. However, as I age, a first floor condo is looking more and more appealing as downsizing and not being responsible for a lawn may fit my future lifestyle.

    But, neighbors can be a huge pain in the neck (not the body part I first thought of).

    I have lived in the same house for 40 years in a lovely quiet neighborhood, overlooking a beautiful body of water that leads to the Long Island Sound. Even still, neighbors have come and gone over the years and my goodness, I have been through some weird stuff, indeed:

    *one day I heard this banging noise coming from the corner of my bathroom. I went outside to see my elderly neighbor hammering his clothes line to my house!! Yes, MY house. His clothes line post rotted out and he needed to dry his beach towels. He was a summer resident and only came on weekends. So, when he was gone, my husband installed a new post. The next weekend we found two bottles of wine and a thank you note on our doorstop.

    *I had a party and at dusk, a friend walked through the screen door. So, it was being repaired. I had my door open and the next thing I know, I see my neighbor's cat carrying one of her kittens up my stairway to the second floor. We were putting in a new shower/tub and the access panel to the plumbing had been removed. That is where the neighbor's cat brought her litter of kittens...inside the hollow of my fiberglass tub, five feet inside the wall. Would you believe the neighbor accused me of stealing her litter of kittens? Crazy.

    *one winter evening we see this eerie fog rising from one section of our yard. We went out there to investigate this strange fog. As we got closer, I smelled something familiar..Tide Laundry Detergent. What? Then I see below the fog is soap bubbles. My neighbor illegally hooked up a washing machine in their house and used flex pipe through their property and my bushes where they buried a PVC pipe with holes in it to dispense their dirty laundry water!! I pulled the pipe up out of my yard and heaved it over the bushes into their yard. Then I went over there and took the flex pipe and brought it to their front door and held it down with a rock. We never heard a word from them about it!! LOL

    *another time I had just got back from vacation when my neighbor called me over as I was getting out of my car. He ushered me to his side yard. I walked past a huge pile of brush and in that brush I noticed one of my long forgotten hanging lawn ornaments. When I looked over, I saw that he had cut down my prized 40' high by 20' wide climbing rose bush and the cedar tree that was supporting it. My knees buckled when he said he was trimming it and it fell down!! Bullshit. Soon after his wife came home and she was screaming at him when he admitted he just wanted more sun in his yard!! I told him I would sue him unless he put up a privacy fence. He was taking his sweet time and in the mean while, we had zero privacy at our front door and it changed everything. So, I decided to go out there and do my gardening in revealing clothing that showed everything when I bent over. His wife bytched at him about putting up the fence. He did so, exactly one year to the day later.

    *the very next day, I went to work for a 4 hour shift. When I got home, 18' (3 6' sections) of my fencing was in a pile in my yard. In it's place was a freshly built shed, which was positioned 3' into my yard. There were four guys sitting back drinking beers, whom I did not want to have a confrontation with. It took some doing, but I had the town assist me in getting him to move the shed, even though it took about a year to do so.

    *a car with a "for sale" sign was parked on my grass. I called the number and asked about the car and the owner asked if I wanted to come see it. I said I could see it because it was in my yard! I asked her to remove it. She said she was a tax payer and the town owned/had an easement on 10' of everyone's yard, so it was as much hers as it was mine!! She then said that her house was going on the market and she did not want to kill her grass, so she is keeping her car parked where it is until it sells. I told her that if she does not move her car, I am parking my car on her property, since I am a tax payer. That shut her up. She moved her car to the elderly guy's property next door to me, who is a summer resident and was gone for the winter.

    Now, mind you, these were all different neighbors, some renters, some homeowners over the course of 4 decades. I cannot imagine what it would be like to live in an apartment so close to other people. I would rather live in a cabin in the woods in the center of 10 acres.

    Out of the past 40 years, I had to temporary leave my home to help some elderly relatives whose neighbor was taking advantage of them in their old age. There is not nearly enough time or room for me to describe to you what that guy did to our family. I will just say that I made up a word for him. He is an assaholic. You know, the biggest bully cowardly person on earth who just cannot help himself. Hence, he is an assaholic.

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    Do people like red wine? Or white wine?

    Some people love living in an apartment. Others hate it.

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    There are pros and cons to both apartments and single family homes. I'd suggest that you sit down and list all pros and cons for you to see them in front of you on a paper then you can also ask family members whose opinion matters to you regarding the purchase to add their thoughts if this is applicable to your situation.

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    Buying a small home of your own is the way to go! You don’t have to answer to anyone and can do you own thing. You’ll be able to save money and not throw monthly rent away.

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    yes cominity is too noisy i dont like it

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    It depends entirely on who your neighbours are, and how noisy they are. The other problem is strat fees that you have to pay. If the building needs a new roof, you have to pay your share.

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    depends on which one you live in and who lives there

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