Should I Fight This Guy?

Okay so I know someone at work I VERY BADLY wanna scrap for multiple reasons. He's one of those dudes everybody hates. Like when he's not around, anyone will tell you that.

Thing is, with me he's crossed the line on more than one occasion. Once I caught him pushing this dude (smaller guy, not a fighter) like a bully and I told him to stop. He turned to me and got all up in my face like "or what?" Now I walked away because we were at work, and a) I like my job and b) the place is swarmed with cameras and witnesses. Also throwing my pride aside I was also a little afraid (not enough to completely puss out, but the idea of getting in a scrap AND losing my job just made me walk away. On the street I'd have reluctantly stepped up). I've been in fights before I just hate them. Since then we've kinda been "friends". I mean I think he knows I hate him but we don't really get at each other. But he constantly disrespects not only me but others. The other day I was talking to these girls I work with and well he's the kinda guy who will completely bogart any conversation and get all attention on him, and basically ya he just took away my own convo. Just the other day. Just the other day I sorta tried to get him back. He was talking to this one chick and I went over and got in the conversation. He shot me this mad stink eye and pretty much as loud and cocky as he could to make me go away. The chick even told him he was being mean. Again, I walked away. My job, cameras, etc. Now this girl


is also a friend of mine, and so were a few people standing around. Needless to say I was embarrassed. Once he left we all were talking sh*t about him because they saw he was being the usual d*ck that he it, but I was very upset. He disrespected and embarrassed me and I take that extremely personally. He basically emasculated me in front of my friends. This cocky assho*e can't just get away with it, or else I'm just a huge b*tch. I don't wanna lose my job though. I could take him out back and do

Update 2:

it there but word can get around. I would be a little scared to fight him but I'm a bigger guy. I would be able to take him I have 0 doubt about that I would win. I just hate starting beef that could get me killed by some guy I punched's friends you know? Also going to work everyday to see someone who hates me would suck. idk I just can't puss out. The disrespect was too much and people saw. Just.. What do I do???

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    I am told that she is

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