How to sing Lead and Harmony with someone else?

I really liked the Everly Brothers and I don't think anyone can sing like them their songs really gave you the emotion.

I notice when they sing live that Phil is usually farther away from the microphone cause his voice is higher than Don's but they use the same mic.

But why did the Beatles use different mics when they sang?

What else affects harmony? Using different mics? A common cold? What happens if I sing a lead, then my friend sings their harmony part then they just add it together would it sound different if we sung together?

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  • Tony B
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    7 months ago
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    I don't know how The Everlys and The Beatles recorded their harmonies but I suspect that generally they both used a single mic.

    Most people who harmonise like that are used fo singing without mics at all and so best being able to hear the other voice(s) which means standing close together.

    For live work The Everlys generally sang into the same mic. Their two voices were effectively “one thing” and most of their best known songs featured harmonies all the way through. It would be hard to pick one brother out as “the lead singer” - bother voices were equally important.

    When The Beatles performed live the three singers were each, sometimes, “the lead vocalist” with the other two supporting them. It would have been difficult, on stage, for them to manage this with a single mic, especially when each of them played guitar/bass and they moved around. I'd also say that so far as The Beatles were concerned the harmonies (although important) were more of an “add on” then they were with The Everlys. Many Beatles songs would have sounded fine without the harmonies, they might not even have been missed.

    • Ron's Ugly Mother
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      I think its cause they always multi tracked their vocals

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  • 7 months ago

    Harmony isn't a matter of mic placement, its a matter of practice.

    And family members, like the Everlys, the Carters, the von Trapps, harmonize in a way that non-family groups can not match.

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  • 7 months ago

    What emotion did you experience? A singer does not step back from the mike because his voice is higher, he steps back because he or she is singer louder than their singing partner..The Beatles used different mikes because groups use individual mikes and the sound person's job is to balance the volume so that no one singer is louder than the others or the lead. Your friend or friends? Are you asking about recording a song separately then mixing the voices?

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