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Quitting drug use - really bad dissociation?

Hi! I'm an 18 year old male and since it's about time for me to be investing a lot of energy into my university courses, I've decided to cut off my marijuana use, at least for a while. I've been off a couple days now and the dissociation has been absolutely awful - I dissociate often, but this is the worst I've ever had it and more often than not I don't even feel human. I can't sleep, food disinterests me, I tend to stare unblinkingly at random things for full minutes, verbal communication feels confusing, and I can't do anything without it feeling like I've been at it for hours. Does anyone have any advice on some good coping mechanisms, supplements, and/or general health advice for making this at least a little better?

Thank you in advance!

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    As someone said, these symptoms should go away soon. I'll suggest stress reduction and tell you some things about derealization .

    If the symptoms persist, talk with a doctor.

    The Psychology Today article mentions grounding exercises, which brings up the interesting topic of mindfulness meditation. Some people say that they've had very good results with mindfulness for derealization but others say their results were disappointing.

    An article online from the Oxford University Mindfulness Center, "Is Mindfulness Safe?" has cautions for people who suffer from mental and emotional problems. It's possible for meditation to make symptoms of a disorder worse, and the more intense the experience is the more danger there is. The article points out that there's a variety of good relaxation methods other than mindfulness.

    The intensity of meditation experiences varies enormously. At the high end of the spectrum you have the Buddhist meditation retreats, which are very demanding, at the low end, grounding exercises.

    I'd describe the range this way, high intensity to low -

    * meditation retreat

    * mindfulness-based therapy programs, such as MBSR and MBCT

    * 10-minute exercise with the Headspace app

    * grounding exercise

    I'll give you some examples of grounding exercises.

    Eat a handful of raisins or nuts very slowly, appreciating every piece, taking a long time to finish them, being aware of your slow breathing.

    Wash and dry the dishes very carefully, focusing on what you're doing, the feelings in your hands and the sound of the water.

    Examine objects. Pick up a a few objects, name them, feel them and carefully inspect them.

    Count things.

    Breathing slowly though your nose, be aware of bodily sensations - the air passing through your nostrils, the feeling of your clothing on your skin, the pressure of the floor on the soles of your feet. Look around at the room, aware of the present moment, the here and now.

    Stress management advice -


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    Remember that smoking weed will make any type of mental or emotional illness you have WORSE.

    If I were you, I would drink more fluids and do more exercise because it will help with cleansing your body and helping focus and mood.

    Stay sober.

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    that goes away in time.i smoked tonne of weed when i was getting off crack.the best high is being sober

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